Since 2000, Galerie Florian Trampler has been making a variety of contributions to art with 6-10 exhibitions p.a. as well as numerous international trade fair participations, art events and publications until 2018.
Since 2017, the main part of my work has been devoted to building and maintaining private collections. And since 2019 we no longer occupy fixed rooms in the 1 a locations, but work from the so-called home office.
Now we are called Gallery Florian Trampler / Art Projects.
Through the new flexibility we have gained, we are once again able to travel more, talk to people, communicate art and open up interesting exhibition opportunities and projects in institutional, public and private places for the artists we represent. Worth seeing exhibitions in interaction with special places are being planned.
On our new pages we will provide a continuously growing, deeper insight into the work of the artists we represent and inform you about all their activities, also through an additional newsletter.
All appropriately marked illustrations of their works (INQUIRY / INQUIRY) are available. On request we can always offer you a viewing at your place, at our place or at a location agreed upon.

Feel free to contact us if we can act for you within the scope of our comprehensive range of services.
We look forward to hearing from you.


Mediation of modern and contemporary art with complete provenance

Building and maintaining institutional, corporate and private art collections

Exhibition concepts and realisation

Concept and realisation of commissioned artistic works in the object area and public space

Hangings, arrangement and logistics

Loans of works of art for short or long periods