Sonia Costantini – Salone Bruno Foresti, Museo Diocesano di Brescia

Ausstellungssituation Salone Bruno Foresti, Museo Diocesano di Brescia

In the Bruno Foresti Room of the Diocesan Museum, the exhibition “Abitare l’eternità. Sonia Costantini e l’icona sacra” is on display. Curated by Alberto Cividati, professor of philosophy at the Cesare Arici Institute, the exhibition compares the rich collection of icons of Russian origin created between the 17th and 20th centuries. The exhibition Inhabiting Eternity aims to read the icon and the monochrome as moments of access to revelation. The exhibition runs until 26 March 2023.
On Saturday 18 March 5 pm Bruno Foresti Hall, Diocesan Museum, the publication to the exhibition Abitare L’eternità Sonia Costantini e l’icona sacra (Inhabiting Eternity) will be presented.
The presentation will be followed by a concert by Corrado Rojac in the exhibition space.

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