Johannes Selbertinger – painting – 16th June – 8th July 2023 – Kulturforum “Blaues Haus” Dießen

Johannes Selbertinger, no title (RSD1), 2012, acrylic paint on canvas, 97 x 147 cmJohannes Selbertinger, no title (RSD1), 2012, acrylic paint on canvas, 97 x 147 cm

Kulturforum “Blaues Haus” (off-space)
Prince Ludwig Str. 23
86911 Dießen on Lake Ammersee / Germany

Opening hours:
Thursday to Sunday 14-18h and by appointment.

On the occasion of the 3.death year of the painter Johannes Selbertinger dedicate the 
Selbertinger family together with the gallery Florian Trampler / KunstProjekte dedicate a comprehensive (memorial) exhibition in Dießen am Ammersee to the grand senior of the so-called free painting Johannes Selbertinger, where he lived and worked for the last 50 years. 
Very much was created in his Munich studio, which he maintained from 1954 until his death. The daily contacts with interested parties, colleagues, people from the international art world could be more comprehensively perceived and cultivated from Munich, from the urban space. 
Selbertinger preferred to master the larger formats, elaborate techniques, working for an exhibition, for projects in the seclusion of his Dießner studio. The closeness to his family also grounded him there. A climate that probably many Dießen / Ammersee painters knew / know to appreciate.
His concentrated artistic work, his contributions and statements over seventy years position Johannes Selbertinger as significant. Beyond his considerable oeuvre, Selbertinger also participated dialectically quite significantly in the development and formulation of the changing concepts of art at all these times.

On display are 37 impressive works from the last 25 years, which provide a very special insight into Selbertinger’s understanding of painting. Great painting!

Painting above: Johannes Selbtinger, o.T. (RSD01), 2012, acrylic on canvas, 97 x 147 cm

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