1956 born near Mantua / I

Lives and works in Mantua as painter and researcher.

First exhibition activities in the early 80s.

From the beginning her artistic research was focused on the practice of painting and she experimented with different techniques.

In 1986, after participating in the “37th Salon de la Jeune Peinture” at the Grand Palais in Paris, her work was to become more precise; painting while at the same time investigating the light values of the material used.

In the 90s she was represented in numerous solo and group exhibitions, in public as well as private spaces.
During these years her work increasingly concentrated on the monochrome painting.

With her solo exhibition at the PAC in Ferrara in 2001, her work became even more radical and her exhibition activities became international.
In recent years she has documented the scope of her research in a comprehensive way, in order to explore colour as an absolute value.

Her works are represented in various public and private collections in Italy and abroad, including the Giuseppe Panza di Biumo collection.